Here’s a list of everything I’ve written recently. Click on the date to open the corresponding post. 

Highlights from this Blog

July 2018 Of the Human and the Divine

June 2018 An Anthropology of Moral Masculinity

Mar 2018 Coco and Liberalism’s Conceit

Mar 2018 The Anatomy of Feminist Backlash

Feb 2018  The Shape of Water is just liberal propaganda (and it’s fantastic!)

Sep 2017 Game of Thrones as a reactionary text?

July 2017 A Clowncar Named Gender

June 2017 Freedom and Value

May 2017 Thinking about Tamil cinema: Feminism, Messianism, and Marx

Oct 2016 Decrypting Cultural Appropriation: A Rosetta Stone for Contemporary Progressive Politics

July 2015 The Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Essence and Purpose

For the whole archive, go here.

On Medium

June 2018 The Games of Alan Turing

June 2018 The Mona Lisa and Machines

May 2018 Archaeology and…machine learning?

May 2018 Response to Kathleen Stock on Gender Critical feminism

Book Reviews at Goodreads

June 2018 “Taking Back Philosophy: A Multicultural Manifesto” by Bryan W. Van Norden

June 2018 “The Plot Against America” by Philip Roth

June 2018 “Kuhn vs. Popper: The Struggle for the Soul of Science” by Steve Fuller

May 2018 “Sex Object” by Jessica Valenti

Apr 2018 “The Origin of Others” by Toni Morrison

Mar 2018 “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” by Ryan T. Anderson

Jan 2018 “Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny” by Kate Manne

For more, my full profile is here.

At the Undergraduate Awards (highly commended)

Nov 2015 Modifying Nozick’s Account of Knowledge

At the Humanist Society (Singapore)

Aug 2014 Grappling with Gay Rights

May 2014 Creationism in NTU (Part 1)

May 2014 Creationism in NTU (Part 2)


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